Welcome to The Highway Safety Group's Vision Center

We service government entities, up–fitters, as well as end users. For assistance please feel free to contact us.

Our FLIR driving systems and kits now permit 24/7 all weather FLIR capabilities. With these systems you to see a person or animal in the brush out to 2000 feet, disturbed road beds or objects on or near the roadway, recent tire tracks, an idling vehicle, a weapon under a shirt or defeat blinding lights obscuring your vision.

By mounting the camera higher, you can see over the crest of hills or conditions ahead of the vehicle you are following In addition, our all weather kits will allow you to see better in dust, rain, snow or fog, too. We also have NIR vehicle mounted night vision cameras, like those found on the Mercedes and Toyota night vision ssytems, all with kits to integrate them into your onboard navigation systems.

Our core business is extreme all weather condtion solutions and we have now expanded those services and product offerings. Talk to us, we can solve that special need for your application.

Most of the products here require application verification, security checks and or export licenses and all sales must comply with all laws.

Further, we were a charter member of the "Best Highway Safety Practices Institute". A 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to assuring that highway safety policies and practices are based solely on emperical data and vetted best practices.